I don't wanna be Sad ANymore


When I was young, and, first felt the sun- oh, and the pouring rain

Found me some fun and some joy, but oh boy- I also got stuck in some pain


And over the years,

hopes gave way to fears

too many tears, confidence leaking,

but oh, now my true voice is speaking


“I don't wanna be sad anymore want to get away, find a brighter day

I don't want to live on the floor

Want to go with you Show me what to be happy

ohh, I wanna be happy

I wanna go there with you


As I got older life got much bolder

ohhh and my heart grew colder

As innocence faded, life got me jaded

I was usually sedated

lost sight of the plan,

pushed away helping hands

but now here I am,

oh and I'm reaching

for all of the good stuff you're teaching


“I don't wanna be sad anymore

want to get away, find a brighter day

I don't want to live on the floor

Want to go with you

Show me what to be happy

ohh, I wanna do happy I wanna go there with you

I don't wanna be sad anymore

I don't wanna be sad anymore

I don't wanna be sad anymore

I don't wanna be sad anymore




Circles, Mumbles Thoughts


In a darkened circle, there is drama and a boy, who,

from the trauma of the toys did lose his way- he lost his way

Johnny Cash's been everywhere, man- well I've been everyone

who's ever lost or won, and now I'm undone and I

think you'd better run because I

danced beneath the Mabon moon,

around the bloody tree stump

and now it's taking over, can't control it

circles, mumbles , thoughts....circles, mumbles, thoughts


You can't help me, no

you don't even know your own ...

you don't even know that you're all owned...and all alone

Prisons, hearts and minds is what you'll find, what you'll find

Circles, mumbles thoughts is what you got, that's what you got


In an enlightened circle jerk- well, there's a lot of talk

from those who claim to know just where this walk will go- what do they know?

Cuz they can't even see the fallacies and lies which they depend on but still the heads they nod, such sorry sods

circles, mumbles, thoughts...circles mumbles thoughts and I think think that I ought.. ought to be leaving


I can't help it, no- I was once like you, you see I thought I held the keys til they were taken away from me and all that was left, you embarrassment of humility Circles, mumbles, thoughts is all I got that's all we got Circles mumbles thoughts, it's all we got, it's all for naught






SAnctuary Seduction



I was lost, long before I found you

Now I'm lost in all the things that surround you Sanctuary, save me for another day

Put me on your shelf and take me

down when you wanna play


Won't you take my hand

lead me through this land

blind my eyes to all the things that may

strike me down for dead...yeah, yeah yeah


That we came together, comes as no surprise

Seems I knew you long before I

met those haunted eyes

At first it was me tried to leave,

yeah I tried to break away

now no matter how much I bleed,

I can't seem to make you stay


running out that door

leaving me on the floor

dancing through the traffic

while I scramble on the lawn


Once upon a time, I was fine with another lover

You came in and blew my mind

 then you blew my cover

Once upon a time I climbed back in

let you use my body  for your lonely, drunken sins Gettin' near the end

On you now, my life does depend

this is gonna get ugly now, I can't even pretend


someday you'll be all alone like me someday, yeah- someday you'll see... If only your latest little playtoy knew

The seduction's for him... The sanctuary's for you




Out of here


It's time to make a stand

No it’s not for you

But it’s the least I can do

Line’s long gone, and the waiting room's

Empty and cold

And I’m gettin' old


I suppose I can see how a man can

Go from walk to crawl

But why he clings to his victor’s boot,

can’t understand at all

And why we line up daily, for another

helping of the pain

Our bellies never empty, but only only full of things that we disdain


Hooo…thought I could make it on my own Hooo...though I did not seek, I discovered

Nobody, nobody, yeah

Ohh, nobody else gonna show you the way out of here Let me out of here...

Everything’s so still


Nobody answers their telephone,

no one knocks on the door

And I’m on the floor Outside that window's a universe Tell me who left who behind?

But the lighthouse beacon still shines


Hoooo….. Just couldn't make it on my own

Hoooo…. Like a child that cries for it’s mother

Nobody, nobody, yeah

Oh, nobody else gonna lead you out of here

Let me out of here…..let me out of here

Let me out of here

Good god, let me out of here

Everything’s so still.






It's over now and I'm back here again

You are gone, and I'm without a lover and a friend Another liar's words untrue but deep inside

I always knew what I hoped and

what you swore could never be


Another whirlwind love that flew by fast

Like all the cards fate's dealt before

It wasn't meant to last

So I sit with familiar pain

And you're another carefree brain

untroubled with me, skatin' away scott- free


At first love is all butterflies and holding hands

then it's holding hostages, telling lies- makin' demands If you don't do what is desired,

you'll no longer be required

and with another heart your lover lands


It's spring again, everything's new and breathing

the happy train's arrived for all

Except for me- mine's leaving


Everywhere love's in full bloom

While I sit in the waiting room

Watching my script unfold upon the stage


Oh, once again I'm just a footnote on a page

just a footnote, on another lover's page...will it ever change?


A Ghost story (AKA "Ghost song")


This is the time of year

seasons changing, in arrears

Oh, to the darkness and the stars y

ou can run but you won't get...very far

and there you are, anyways

and the ghosts will always have their say


but you don't have to let them chase

you all about this haunted place

and when the faces seem so cold

remember lies are... bought and sold


you can get your money back

it's not too late to change your track

and what is coursing through your veins

don't need to be despair and pain


you can embrace, a second chance

and all the ghosts can laugh and dance

for you're the director, it's your show

the canvas is blank now...where will you go?


This wide and vast empty place

is no black hole, it's full of grace

you can fill it up with joy

there's windowsills and fancy candles

and there are prayers, there are hands

and there are hearts that understand

there are victims who survived

they were once ghosts now they are alive


oh, and so are's time to thrive