"His vocals soar like an angel’s, yet are grounded by  gravitas and grit.”                                                       -Pat Moran, QC Nerve

The Debut Single Video "I Don't Wanna Be Sad Anymore" 

Live Original performances: 

Patrick Mawn is a Boston-born, Charlotte-based artist. A singer/songwriter/guitarist, Patrick brings both his original works and unique takes on popular favorites, ranging across many different genres. His eclectic blend and unique strumming style offer a powerful performance that fluctuates fluidly from soft to strong, poetic to pounding. Whatever the vibe, he brings it 100% and pours his heart into every song. At times, you’ll stop in your tracks and listen, at others you’ll be moving your feet to the beat. His original works are a mix of indie, folk, rock, ballads and unlabeled oddities. Influenced by many genres and artists, there’s something for everybody. Patrick moves and connects people with stories and the sounds that fly from his guitar.


Patrick's musical journey is just now  taking full flight. Already, he's made an impression and worked with some fine talent in the industry including  producers Shannon McArthur (Dashboard Confessional), and Emmy-winner Rob Tavaglione (Catalyst Studios). Patrick's work has garnered attention and strong praise from fans, critics and fellow artists . He's on the roster of nationally renowned  East Coast Entertainment and has performed at events and venues across Charlotte such as the Music At The Met Series, the Milestone Club, Evening Muse and Spirit Square. 


His debut single "I Don't Wanna Be Sad Anymore" is in rotation on radio stations such as University Of Alaska's KSUA and WRPI in Troy, NY. His debut album "Hub Of Humanity" is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023. 

2023 Audacity "We Can Survive" Concert Quarter Finalist

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